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Monday, April 27, 2009

Injury will not hold me back!

My fitness over the years has been like a rollercoaster or a Yo-Yo at best. Growing up as a child basketball became my preferred sport. In my late teens at 6ft tall I was able to dunk a basketball with two hands. It seems when I achieved a goal, I would get injured. At the age of 19 while getting robbed, I was shot in the shoulder and could not work out. I was due to join the United States Navy in a few months, but gained too much weight from recovering from the wound. I had to lose weight before I could enlist. I lost just enough to enlist with 1 pound to spare. Then I went to boot camp and lost 24 more pounds. It felt great. I was 189 pounds, 8% body fat and felt like I could fly on the basketball court.
While playing a pickup game on base, I completely ripped my left ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). I was devastated. I went from dunking a basketball with two hands, to not able to touch the net. I gained 40 pounds and lost 6 inches of muscle from my left leg due to atrophy. I never wanted to see a basketball again. I had two screws in my knee and couldn’t jump any more.
My knees began to hurt from lack of muscle and I was diagnosed with PFS (patella femoral syndrome). I worked out just enough to pass Navy fitness standards, but was still saddened by the weight gain and the pain I went through every day. Still gaining I ballooned up to 281 pounds. Home on leave, visiting the parents, I knew it was time to make a change when I had to hold my breath to tie my shoes.
I watched the Power 90 infomercial a couple times and the phrase “In Home Boot camp” brought back memories of feeling great right out of Navy boot camp and I wanted to try getting back into boot camp shape. At the time a lot was going on in my life. I hit a lot of mid life milestone all around the same time. I turned 30, went over 10 years in the military, and was promoted to E-6 all within 3 months. I started to feel old and had very little motivation. I started Power 90 and stopped after day 30. I placed it on the shelf and didn’t look at it again for 3 years. In 2006, I was scheduled to go on deployment and wanted to complete Power 90 at sea. It worked great; I lost 57 pounds with Power 90. I felt great and I could dunk again, well with one hand at least.
During a morning workout doing laps around the track, I was having severe pains in my left knee. I went to the doctor and was told that maybe my ACL surgery was causing arthritis. So I was confined to the Elliptical and stationary bike in the gym. The Elliptical was too much pain to bear. Another trip to the doctor and several x-rays later, a calcified bone growth was revealed under my knee cap from the first surgery. Once again I undergo surgery to remove the excess bone and I get discouraged and gain weight. This time I am up to 275 pounds. During my rehab I was riding the stationary bike and noticed the P90X infomercial on the gym TV. I was hooked and watched Tony and the P90X infomercial every time I rehabbed.
The doctor told me that I had degenerative arthritis and I could only bike or swim. So I maintained between 260-270 pounds because I didn’t work out hard enough due to knee pains all the time. Eventually I left the military and really piled on the pounds. Exercise was not mandatory anymore and I didn’t do a thing for 6 months. My blood pressure was to the point I had to be medicated and I was taking maximum dose of pain killers each day.
I did not want to be dependent on pain pills all my life and knew that I needed to change fast. I knew that if I didn’t make a change then spending time with my wife and kids would probably be cut short. I got a second opinion on my knee and discovered it was the PFS causing the pain and not arthritis. I already knew what I needed to do, build muscle to strengthen my knees. From that day on P90X was on my mind. I knew the results that Power 90 gave me and I was sure that P90X was the next step to take.
I am 30 days into my P90X work out, and the doc told me I needed surgery on my “good” knee. I was experiencing a little pain and got it checked out. After a MRI the doc found a major tear in the meniscus. This time I will find a way to incorporate P90X into my rehab, because I have already dropped 22 pounds, 9% body fat and 6 inches off my waist in the first 30 days. I cannot let injury hold me back. Quoted best by one of our WOWY members “I will not lose the pounds I will discard them, because I never want to find them again.”
I am no longer taking pain meds or blood pressure medication, I can go to the mall with my family and my knees will not hurt from walking. I am surprising myself with how fast I am progressing.
P90X is doing more than getting me back in shape; P90X is giving me my life back!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kathy Smith's Project You! Type 2

Healthy eating and exercise program designed for people with type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Legs and Back

I missed working out yesterday. I am fighting a chest cold. I'm back on the horse today. I completed day 21 with Legs and Back. Considering doing two today. So I can keep my rest day the same.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hawaii's own Dallas Carter

Dallas lives in Mililani Hawaii, He is an inspiration to many. Keep pushing play Dallas! This is a great motivational story for us in Hawaii and around the world.


The healthiest meal of the day.

Yoga X

Did yoga X today. I can feel myself getting more and more flexible each week. I was amazed when I grabbed both of my heels while sitting. It's been a long time since I did that. Dont forget to visit HawaiiBeachBodies.com to find out how you can get fit and get paid.

Beachbody Products

What makes this company great is the huge selection of programs. I am doing P90X. What will you choose?

P90X is Awsome!

P90X is great!

Wow, I have only been doing P90X for 19 days. I lost 18 pounds in my first 2 1/2 weeks. It takes the dedication of pushing play everyday. You also have to stick with your food program. It truely does work. Visit www.HawaiiBeachBodies.com and workout with me.