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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fitness Helps Treat Cancer Patients

by Liz Davies

Exercise is currently being seen as a way to treat people who are going through cancer treatments. While no one is claiming that physical activity will clear cancer that is already in the body, people are seeing that it is an excellent way to be healthy and prevent certain types of cancer and prevent reoccurrence.  Studies performed by the American Cancer Society have shown that cancer patients who have a daily exercise routine consisting of 30 minutes of activity are more likely to have a longer survival period and less likely to see the cancer come back after it is cleared.

People suffering from cancer are highly likely to require some sort of treatment program. The most common forms of treatment include chemotherapy, radiation and even surgery. These treatments often aid in ridding the body of cancer but also have many side effects and are extremely demanding on the body. All cancer treatments will be different; mesothelioma treatment will be far different from colon cancer treatment. And side effects will also vary on the individual depending on health and severity of cancer. Common side effects include exhaustion, nausea and depression. Beginning (or continuing) and exercise regimen is a great way to lesson these harmful side effects.

Previously doctors strayed away from recommending an exercise program as a form of treatment. Slowly but surely it is beginning to be introduced. Before planning a routine it is important for cancer patients to discuss their ideas with a licensed personal trainer for cancer patients or a doctor. All types of exercise can be beneficial for cancer patients whether is it stretching, cardio or strengthening exercises.

Exercise should not be seen as intimidating. All types of exercise can be performed at different levels. Yoga and pilates for beginners is a great way to increase flexibility and is great for people who might be starting up a fitness routine.  Activities like going on a walk, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and putting the groceries away are also non-intimidating forms of physical activity that will benefit cancer patients. No matter what level of physical fitness cancer patients are experiencing it is very important to keep muscles and joints moving.

Exercise is extremely important for cancer patients and will help lessen symptoms by giving them more energy, a more positive outlook and many physical benefits. 

Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in health and wellness. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives because she sees how cancer has devastated so many people in this world. Liz also likes running, playing lacrosse, reading and playing with her dog, April.