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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

P90X helped my hypertension!

My surgery went great yesterday, but I was floored on how well my blood pressure was. While I was in the US Navy, I was on blood pressure medication for 15 years. I thought that I would be using it for life. With some lifestyle changes, my hypertension has be rectified. During my time in service I averaged 140/92 bp with medication. I have been doing P90X by Beachbody for about 7 weeks now. My doctor has removed me from my blood pressure medications. They are no longer necessary. I have drop 26 lbs, 8 inches from my midsection and 11% bodyfat so far. While getting my vital signs taken yesterday before my surgery I was shocked to see my blood pressure was 117/80. WOW!! That is all I could say. I didnt believe it and asked the nurse to retake it. The next time was 118/79 and for the rest of my time in the hospital remained at a good level. So if there is no other reason to get into shape here is one. Do yourself a favor and get healthy. You owe it to your body, your family, and your friends. The people that love you do not like to see you suffer. Find out why you want to achieve your goals and make that your motivation. I have children that I want to support and be there for. That's my why. What is your? Look at my results here and join me in a life of health and fitness. Make your why a reality!!!


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