P90X Bring IT!

Monday, May 18, 2009

P90X is working!!!!

Wow week 6 is over! This workout is flying by. Where did time go? I guess time will fly when you are having fun. My results so far are wonderful. I have lost 26 pounds!!!. The journey from 272 to 246 was hard but fantastic. I am having surgery today. Another bump in the road. It's is just that, a bump. Nothing will stop me now. It feels too good losing all this weight and getting back into shape. It feels even better being part of Team Beachbody so I dont have to travel this road alone. Oh wait! Did I say losing weight? That will have to cease. I dont lose weight any more. I discard it! That is because I dont want to find it again. Come discard some weight with me. Lets fill up a land fill with all our extra weight and never go back to being big. Thanks for looking! Ciao

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